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Date: 10th August 2019

Venue: Christian Militant Ministries, Akwatia.

Brief Summary:
The training started at 9:30am with an opening prayer and song ministrations by some members of Christian Militant Ministries. There was an introduction by Pastor Daniel Boli; program coordinator of Akwatia. He expressed his joy for hosting such seminar at Akwatia and also used the opportunity to thank Pastor Albert Botchway for focusing on very important subject of the ministry which is leadership. After his remarks and introduction, the program secretary of Enrich Leadership Network’ Elder Jonas Yeboah gave a quick introduction to the organization and the president; Pastor Albert Botchway.

Due to challenges in fixing the projector for presentation, Pastor Albert resorted to delivering his message through manual teachings. He preached his message from Acts 8:9-24. In his presentation, he said that the Lord Jesus Christ wants His church to follow Him and be like Him. He continued that even though Simon also believed the gospel after seeing the miracles performed by the hands of the apostles but he had not repented from his old nature. He referred that the same applies to some Christians of today, even though they profess to be Christians but they still practice divinations, and visit shrines when they need help.

He said, that is not the kind of church Jesus Christ our Lord died for. In seeing that by the laying of hands of the apostles, believers received the gifts of the Holy Spirit, he continued, Simon thought he could buy such with his money. He added that some pastors are driven by money and fame so they would do whatever possible to achieve that. So, some are practicing witchcraft and divinations in the name of consultations.  He cautioned pastors and church leaders to remain true to their callings and also disciples others to follow the Lord Jesus Christ for His glorious church. Pastor Albert then led the participants for a time of prayer that the Lord should make us the kind of leaders He wants and also forgive us if we had gone wrong in our callings.

In all, total number of forty (36) participants attended the training comprises 2 apostles, 8 pastors, 3 elders, 1 pastor’s wife, 3 deaconesses and 19 church members in leadership positions.

Presentation Strategies:



Expected Number of participants


Remarks (reasons for the variance)



Members of the host church; Christian Militant Ministries also joined the program.


Challenges (If any):


We thank God for His presence in the meeting and revival of the participants through the ministration of His servant; Pastor Albert Botchway.