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Date: 18th May 2019
Venue: Akim Oda Apostolic Church, Ghana.

Brief Summary:
The training commenced at 9:10am with prayers led by Pastor Philip Kwarko.  After prayers, there was self-introduction session by participants which was facilitated by Elder Jonas Yeboah.  The host pastor; Pastor William Nti of Akim Oda Apostolic Church was given the opportunity to welcome participants for the leadership training. In his address, he made mention of the fact that as ministers of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, there is the need for us to continue to train ourselves in God’s way of leadership and learn so that we will be able to lead God’s Church very well. He was enthused to be part of the leadership seminar.

The President of Enrich Leadership Network; Pastor Albert Botchway was introduced and welcomed by the participants to facilitate the program presentation on leadership. In his presentation, he talked about the following issues on Biblical point of leadership:

Also, in his presentation on kingdom leadership, the stressed that God’s original intent for mankind is to lead and rule over the earth. And it is our responsibility to use our God giving leadership ability to influence our environments and communities positively in fulfilling the Great Commission for our Lord Jesus Christ, that is, going to all nations to make disciples. With reference to 1 Timothy 3:1-7, he discussed extensively on the qualification of spiritual leader. He continued that the scriptures guide us to in selecting leaders for various position in the church and also check us in our own calling as leaders of the God’s Church.

There was a group discussion and presentation on the sort of qualification a leader should possess with respect to Biblical perspective. During the group, the presentation handout was distributed to participants as reference note. Each group presented their discussion findings to the   whole group. In the group presentation, it was pointed out that leaders in God’s kingdom should be like Jesus in character and also be discipline in all areas of life in order to disciple people for the work of the ministry.

After the various group’s presentation, there was a prayer session by Pastor Isaac Tetteh, closing remarks and a benediction by Pastor William Nti. A lunch was served to participants in end the training at 1:05pm.

In all, total number of forty (40) participants attended the training comprises 1 apostle, 15 pastors, 14 elders, 1 pastor’s wife and 9 church members in leadership positions.

Presentation Strategies:

Expected Number of participants Achieved Remarks (reasons for the variance)
30 40  Invited pastors and church leaders expressed interest and also invited other leaders to the seminar. Effective mobilization by the coordinator; Pastor Isaac Tetteh.

Lessons Learnt:

Challenges (If any):


The seminar brought together pastors and church to discuss and deepen their knowledge and understanding on the kind of leaders God is expecting for His church. There was effective participation by participants in all the activities such as prayers, teachings and discussions as well as group work and presentation. We thank God for a successful Leadership Training and we believe that He who has begun a good work in us shall surely perform for His glory. Amen.